Dr. Watson

Dear friends!

I ask for your help! Sherlock Holmes decided that I should pass the test, and only after passing it can I continue to work with him. He began to doubt my abilities? I am disappointed that such an idea came to him. Nevertheless, I need to complete this task and prove to him that I am a worthy assistant!

Regards, Dr. Watson.

You can go the route at any time of the day or night - most importantly, take care of comfortable clothes and shoes. And do not forget the great mood!

Example question:

The composer gave me a music box, opening which I can answer Sherlock’s question. But it is encrypted. Two-digit password. One attempt to enter! Fortunately, I can first enter the first digit and check, and then the second.

So, what is the first digit!

The answer to this question is the number of benches that you will see in front of you, sitting on a bench that has two bridges and three hatches in front of it.

Tips for playing the quest:

To purchase this quest, you must send payment to the number +7 747 813 99 42 through the Kiwi terminal.

After payment, our operator will contact you, you can also write to us about payment and the selected quest on WhatsApp/Text message.

How it works?

Выбираете квест в Алматы


an interesting street city route/quest from the list on the site

Покупаете квест в Алматы


your chosen street city quest and get all the instructions on e-mail/text message

Играете в квест в Алматы


to the starting point of the adventure street city quest route - when you are ready to play

Start the street city quest walker and get interesting questions and riddles on the game platform. Read more...

Payment methods:

To pay for the quest you need to pay for the quest through any qiwi terminal. Select the "Пополнить кошелек" section and enter the number +7 747 813 99 42. In the comments, you must specify the mobile number. After payment, our operator will contact you! (you may need to send a photo of the check)


Do I need to download any mobile apps for playing the quest?
No, you do not need to download any applications. All that is required of your mobile phone is Internet access and the ability to view a regular web page.
I paid for the street city quest. What do I need to do next?
Right after you paid we will send you an e-mail or text message (any messengers available) with an authorization code for the game platform and all instructions for the quest. When you would like to start to play the quest, you should go to the start point and enter the authorization code to the game platform
If you didn't get any message from us with instructions, please contact us via any suitable way from the Contact form below.
How much time is given for passing the street quest?
From the moment we sent you a message/email with an authorization code, it will be valid for another 30 days and 10 days after you start your quest in the game platform If the weather suddenly turned bad or you rubbed your heels - you can finish the street city quest later within 10 days from your start day.
How many people should be on my team to play a street city quest?
In theory - as much as you want, we do not follow you :) However, we recommend a maximum of six people. The authentication code can be entered only on one mobile device, and it might be uncomfortable to play with a too large team.
For large companies, we recommend buying two quests for two teams.
What if we can not answer the question?
Firstly, there are clues to all questions (3-4 clues to the question), and the last clue usually contains the answer. If something went wrong, call us at +7 747 813 99 42. We will save you!
We found a mistake!
Unfortunately or fortunately, the city is constantly changing. Sometimes, due to these changes, our quests have to be corrected or even completely redone. If there was any global force majeure, for example, reasonable reptilians from the planet Nibiru arrived that prevent you from completing the quest - call us at +7 747 813 99 42, we will help you!
If you noticed a couple of inaccuracies and want to help us a little - write to We will check and fix everything, and we will give you one more street city quest for free ;)
Is it possible to somehow participate in a city quest without mobile Internet - for example, via SMS?
No, unfortunately, such an opportunity is not provided. Support for SMS requires the payment of response messages by the player, in addition, it is much less convenient.
We are tourists and came just for a walk. Will we be able to complete your quest, or is it “local only”?
Of course, you can! Our street city quests will be interesting to both indigenous people and tourists. If you suddenly get lost - use our tips. We have provided all our walkers with stories about places, houses, and people. You will not only take a walk but also replenish the piggy bank of your knowledge about your favorite city.
What age are street city quests designed for?
Our quests can be done both for children and adults. There are no age restrictions!
We want to arrange a trip to the city/museum with a school class! Is it possible?
Yes! We organize quests for students, for companies and for corporate parties. You can read more on the website when the information appears.
I want to...
If you have special wishes - contact us and we will try to come up with something!

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